96th Little I Schedule of Events

Monday March 25th

7:00pm Dairy Exhibitors Trailer Rides

8:00pm Beef Exhibitors Trailer Rides

Tuesday March 26th

9:00pm LI Olympics

Wednesday March 27th

9:00pm-1:00am Dance in the Chips

Thursday March 28th


5:00pm Full Staff Meeting

6:00pm ALL EXHIBITOR Meeting

6:20pm Sheep Exhibitors in the Ring

6:40pm Beef Exhibitors in the Ring

7:00pm Horse Exhibitors in the Ring

7:20pm Goat Exhibitors in the Ring

7:40pm Dairy Exhibitors in the Ring

8:00pm Swine Exhibitors in the Ring

Friday March 29th

7:30am 3 Year Old Horse Fitting, Prelims

8:00am Aged Horse Fitting, Prelims

8:30am Experienced Sheep Fitting, Prelims

9:00am Novice Sheep Fitting, Prelims

9:00am Machinery Sales

9:00am Agronomy Judging I

9:00am Natural Resources I

9:00am Range Plant ID I

9:00am Dairy Foods Judging I

9:00am Meats Judging I

9:00am Floriculture I

9:30am Horse Judging

10:00am Vet Science I

10:30am Get Dairy Cattle from Unit [2 trailers]

11:00am Dairy Cattle Judging

11:00am Dairy Foods Judging II

11:00am Range Plant ID II

11:00am Floriculture II

NOON Nursery Landscape

NOON Natural Resources II

NOON Agronomy Judging II

NOON Meats Judging II

NOON Vet Science II

12:30pm Get Beef from Unit [2 trailers]

1:00pm Livestock Judging Contest (Cattle MUST be 1st)

1:00pm Farm Business Management

1:00pm Floriculture III

2:00pm Wool Judging

2:40 All Trailers at Dairy Unit

3:00pm Experienced Dairy Fitting, Prelims

3:25pm Novice Dairy Fitting, Prelims

3:50 Dairy Headed Back to Unit

4:50pm Trailers leave CCU

5:00pm Opening Ceremonies

5:15pm Heifer Fitting, Finals

5:35pm Bull Fitting, Finals

6:00pm Experienced Sheep Fitting Finals

6:20pm Novice Sheep Fitting, Finals

6:35pm 3 Year Old Horse Fitting, Finals

6:50pm Aged Horse Fitting, Finals

7:15pm Lamb Lead, Prelims

7:35pm Goat Fitting, Finals

7:50pm Novice Goat Fitting, Finals

8:00pm Trailers Leave the Dairy Unit

8:15pm Novice Dairy Fitting, Finals

8:35pm Dairy Fitting, Finals

8:55pm Novice Swine Showmanship, Prelims

Saturday March 30th

7:30am 3 Year Old Horse Showmanship, Prelims

8:00am Aged Horse Showmanship 1, Prelims

8:30am Experienced Sheep Showmanship, Prelims

9:00am Novice Sheep Showmanship, Finals

9:15am Trailers Leave the CCU

9:30am Ag Product Sales

9:30am Experienced Beef Showmanship 1, Prelims

10:00am Experienced Beef Showmanship 2, Prelims

10:30am Novice Beef Showmanship, Finals

11:00am Experienced Goat Showmanship, Prelims

11:30am Novice Goat Showmanship, Finals

NOON Judges Luncheon

12:30pm Sponsor Appreciation Reception

1:00pm Experienced Swine Showmanship, Prelims

1:30pm Novice Swine Showmanship, Finals

1:45pm Trailers Leave the Dairy Unit

2:00pm Experienced Dairy Showmanship, Prelims

2:30pm Novice Dairy Showmanship, Finals

3:00-5:00 pm BREAK

4:50pm Trailers Leave the CCU

5:00pm Opening Ceremonies

5:15pm Beef Showmanship Finals

5:35pm Sheep Showmanship, Finals

5:55pm Little International Auction

6:10pm Horse Showmanship, Finals

6:30pm Goat Showmanship, Finals

6:35pm Trailers Leave the Dairy Unit

6:50pm Dairy Showmanship, Finals

7:15pm Lamb Lead, Finals

7:35pm Swine Showmanship, Finals

7:55pm Club of the Year, Teacher of the Year & Ag/Bio Advocate Announcement

8:00pm Honored Agriculturist Recognition

8:10pm Round Robin

8:50pm Staff Recognition

8:55pm Awards

Sunday March 31st

10:00am Exhibitor Clean Up

NOON All Meet Up at Arena for Pizza